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«The only one» is an experimental microgame about discrimination. The game isn’t about fun or the highest score. The only focus the game has is to transport the emotional narrative of an individual who is subject to severe discrimination. During the game the player experiences situations ranging from exclusion to persecution and murder. To transmit the story the game relies mainly on game mechanics and sound design. The game is inspired by «The Marriage» and «Loneliness».

The game takes place on a long, straight road. There are only glowing dots that represent the actors in the story. All dots are blue, except two, which are red. The player controls one of the red dots. The red ones have a certain characteristic that is different from the blue ones. Because of this difference, the player is not accepted in that world and is therefore bullied by the blue.

Install instructions

  1. Unzip the dowloaded file
  2. Browse to the unzipped folder
  3. Execute 'The only one.exe'


The only one - release 1.0.1.zip 21 MB

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